New website and rebrand

You may have heard of this software before under the name ConceptGraph. The reason we picked a new name with the Discord community was because Microsoft already had a software called like that and I didn't want to get in trouble.

Now to be clear, no one asked me to change the name, that's just something I discovered when I tried to register the domain name. I realized it was already taken, but not actively used. Further research lead me to the Microsoft ConceptGraph software that I somehow managed to miss back in February this year, when I was looking for a name. So I ran a poll among Discord users, asking for new suggestions and here we are.

Now, I might be writing this post a bit early since the website isn't complete and the software is not in a usable state yet, but at least I wanted to give you some news and assure you that the project is still going strong!

I just finished a large refactoring, meaning the code should be easier for me to work with and now I'm working on a sync plugin, aka, a way to drive the generation without leaving you game engine of choice. Right now I'm working on the Godot version, but Unity and Unreal should follow, although much later.

Once the Godot sync plugin is done, the next step will be writing the documentation, tutorials and examples. Once I have a solid foundation I'll officially announce ProtonGraph 0.7 and move on to adding new features.

As always, the road-map is still subject to changes, you can keep track of the work in progress the Github project page


This article was updated on November 25, 2020

I'm a hobbyist game developer and I created ProtonGraph to create content faster for all my projects. As a result, all of my time is dedicated to the tool and none of my games made any progress, not sure where my super plan went wrong ...